Anonymous asked:
You are so brave for talking to your mum and telling her about your self harm. Not many people can do that, and you doing that shows that you can get through self harm and self hate because you are so incredibly brave. You seem like such an amazing person and I just wanted to tell you that for what ever you are going through, there are always people here for you (: be strong and keep your head held high because your beautiful (: xxxxxxx

Thank you so much, love. You honestly just made my day and I wanted to cry reading your message. It took so much for me to tell her and I almost whimped out but I’m glad I didn’t. It’s going to be a long, hard journey through this but I hope I gain a better relationship with my mom. Thank you again, it means so much. Stay strong as well okay? Chin up because you’re beautiful! :) xx

Anonymous asked:
How did it go telling your mom? I wanna tell mine but I'm so scared

There was a lot of crying but overall it went well. She was very understanding and wasnt mad, as I had predicted she would be. I was very open and vulnerable with her, something you can’t be afraid to do, and it allowed her to understand more of what I was dealing with. She listened to me and agreed to therapy and other options. I think you should tell your mom, it will make things easier on yourself. You won’t always feel as if you have to hide something and a weight will come off your shoulders. Change might not occur right away, which is my case, but it will overtime. Be strong beautiful, I’m always here to talk. You can do this! :) xx

I’m here for all of you guys, all the time anytime. Just message me if you need to talk, okay? I love you all so much.

I told my mom everything tonight. Self hate, self harm. All of it.

0 days clean…

I’ve thought about my death, and that’s not something I’m okay with…It’s scary.

Looked through my posts to when I posted about having four cuts. I worked my way up to 13 but I’ve been clean for about a month…

Lol no one would even notice if I was gone.